Selections and complete scores from works for theater; original music and lyrics, music with other lyricists.


John Adams in Amsterdam: A Song for Abigail

Music by Gary S. Fagin
Libretto by Terry Quinn

Premiere: The Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, 2005

"John Adams in Amsterdam: A Song for Abigail", for Baritone and String Quartet dramatizes John Adams' mission to Amsterdam in 1780 – 1782. The man who would become America's second president succeeded in securing loans and a treaty from the Dutch that helped sustain the American revolt against Great Britain. The text of "John Adams in Amsterdam", by Terry Quinn, is inspired by Adams' letters to his wife, Abigail.

The work is in 8 sections and is performed without pause. Duration, 35 minutes.

Charlotte: Life? or Theater?

Book and lyrics by Elise Thoron
Music by Gary S. Fagin

Premiere: Prince Music Theater, 2011

Subsequent performances: Hermitage Museum Theater, St. Petersburg, Russia 2000; Lincoln Center Theater 1999

"Charlotte: Life? or Theater?," a music theater work for eight performers (seven singing, one speaking) and five musicians, celebrates the life and work of Charlotte Salomon, a German-Jewish painter who created an astonishing series of watercolors with text between the years of 1940 and 1943. Charlotte Salomon's autobiographical art recalls her remarkable life, family and friends in Berlin in the 1930's. Though she lost her life in Auschwitz in 1943, her indomitable spirit lives on in her art, which survived the war.

Duration, 100 minutes.


Jumping Mouse

Book and lyrics by Gary S. Fagin

American Repertory Theatre Cabaret, Lenox Arts Center, 1981

"Jumping Mouse," for four performers (one woman and three men) and five musicians, is a one-act music theater work for children. Based on a Native American folk tale, it traces the journey of a nearsighted mouse as she encounters other animals who teach her to overcome obstacles on her way to enlightenment and transformation into an eagle. Duration, 55 minutes.

Audio Sample: "Jumping Mouse Song" (Jan Horvath, soprano; Eddie Korbich, tenor; Sal Viviano, tenor; Steven Kalm, Baritone; Bob Goldstone, piano) (1:00)


Punch and Judy/Judy and Punch

Book and lyrics by Gary S. Fagin

O'Neill Opera/Music Theater Conference, 1987

"Punch and Judy, Judy and Punch," for four performers (two women and two men) and piano, is a one-act music theater work based on the original Punch and Judy puppet show with a modern twist: Judy, instead of being killed by Punch, survives and becomes a counterforce to Punch's unbridled aggressiveness. Duration, 55 minutes.

Audio Sample 2: "Too Far"  (Jan Horvath, soprano; Bob Goldstone, piano) (1:15)



The Space

Book and lyrics by Eve Merriam

Developed for the Circle Rep, 1990


More Music Theater Compositions

MAD FOR NEWYORKTOWN (Terry Quinn), 2005

THREE SISTERS (Anton Chekhov); Chelsea Theater Company, 1996

PAUL WHITEMAN RADIO RHAPSODY; Concordia Orchestra, Alice Tully Hall, 1994

YOU CAN'T THINK OF EVERYTHING (Alfred de Musset/Michael Feingold); La Mama Theater, 1989

THE FAIRY GARDEN (Harry Kondoleon); Promenade Theater 1984

THE BRIDES (Harry Kondoleon); Cubiculo Theater, 1981

ALCESTIS (Euripides); Yale Drama School, 1980


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